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2019 Southeast Texas Workshop Candidate Songs

Check out these video and audio clips below

"I'm Blessed"

Nu Beginning

You Can't Straddle The Fence

"This Joy"

The Heavenly Sons

Radio Single

"Owe It All"

Sons Of Faith

A New Chapter

"No Ways Tired"

The New Converted Voices

No Ways Tired

"Low Down Chariot"

The Memphis Harmonizers 

Keep Running On

"Leave It Hands of The Lord"

Supreme 7

Another Yes

"Rescue Me"

D. Morton and Gifted


"Too Close"

The Exciting Holy Sons

Finally Live In Chicago

"The Lord Will Make A Way"

The Jackson Southernaires



Darrell McFadden & The Disciples

I've Got A Right

"Any Day Now - Live Recording"

Ricky Dillard and New G

10 Live

"Had Not Been"

Eight 'New Beginning'


"Thank You for Keeping Me"

Faithful Connection

Thank You

"He Can Save You"

George Dean & G4

Get My Business Straight

"Pray On'

The Sons Of Faith

A New Chapter

"Total Praise"

Seek & Find Project

We Got Next Vol. I

"Been Good"

The Williams Singers

In Real Time

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