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Youth & Scholarship Drive - 2016

Hello everyone, we are very excited to announce that the "Youth Drive" started on last year will continue this year, 2016. To this end, we would like to thank everyone for sharing in this worthy endeavor and we solicit help from anyone who may want to contribute financially to this cause. On last year we were blessed to have four wonderful youth join the workshop and hopefully after hearing about their future aspirations you were inspired as much as I was. We plan to highlight each of our 2015 youth participants in future blogs.

There are several ways you can join in and support this year's youth initiative:

- Donate $25 to cover workshop and uniform expenses for a youth - Individually donate any amount you wish to support the youth scholarship fund

- Bronze $100

- Silver $250

- Gold $500

- Identify and encourage youth you may know to join and participate this year

- Let us know of any businesses that may be interested in supporting the scholarship

You can coordinate with either Bro. Donald Joseph or Bro. Charles George for contributions.

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